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Admission Insights: Middlesex University

Main entrance at Middlesex University

Our newly created “Admission Insights” articles aim to bring greater attention to international universities as viable options for students. While we’ve traditionally focused on US colleges, it’s also become clear that tremendous opportunities exist beyond our own borders that are worth a closer look. Here, through a series of interviews with admission officers, we provide key details about their schools and links where you may find more information.

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1. Please share a brief overview of Middlesex University.

Middlesex University, located in the north of London, is a modern comprehensive national university officially approved by the British government. Its academic origin can be traced back to nearly 100 years ago. Its predecessor is several ancient colleges founded in the 19th century, and it is one of the largest comprehensive modern universities in London. At present, the university has more than 1,700 teaching staff and more than 40,000 students (including students from overseas campuses in the UK). Among them, more than 31,000 students are studying in the London campus of the University. 30% of the total number of students are from more than 130 different countries and regions.

Middlesex University is located in the north of London (zone 3), the capital of the UK. In this dynamic international metropolis, you can enjoy the colorful British customs and life, experience the most fashionable trends and the most cutting-edge culture. Excellent teaching quality, good reputation of students, diversity of student groups and internationalization are the important reasons why Middlesex University stands out among many British universities.

Today, Middlesex University has become an internationally renowned university with three campuses in the world (Dubai, Mauritius and Maltese), with high-quality teaching equipment, teachers and professors. Many disciplines of the University have outstanding overall advantages, and have made great achievements in the academic field. Students can get in touch with British students and students from different countries and races on campus, and fully appreciate the rich culture from all over the world.

At Middlesex University, the primary development strategy is to enhance students’ achievement and satisfaction. Our slogan is “equality, innovation, sustainable development.”

2. What is typically your percentage of enrolled international students?


3. Are there any special requirements for international students versus domestic? If yes, please share them. e.g. In the US, we require a TOEFL score or equivalent.


For UG Overall 6.0 with four components no less than 5.5;

For PG Overall 6.5 with four components no less than 6.0;

You can apply for our pre-sessional English course if you don’t meet the requirements.

4. What resources are available at your school to help support international students?

We have several, as follows:

International Students Advice Team. This includes free visa application services, guidance to the police and GP registration, etc. You can ask the department for help with any questions.

Chinese Students Liaison. Works specifically with Chinese students to help ease the transition and respond to questions.

Learning Enhancement Team.  Helps international students with English, math, proofreading, and more.

5. Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships for international students?

We offer full scholarships, half scholarships, 3,000-pound and 1,000-pound awards for outstanding students.

6. For US universities, there is great emphasis on Extracurricular Activities as part of an applicant’s overall credentials. Of what relevance are these in your admission requirements, and are these encouraged for student participation once enrolled?

For students with excellent IELTS and academic achievements, experience such as extracurricular activities or internships will be a bonus if they want to apply for high scholarship.

The University of Middlesex also provides a series of extracurricular activities for students. There are more than 100 student associations in the school. Meanwhile, the school has close ties with the London industry and has more opportunities to participate in practice, internship, or part-time work.

7. What would you say is unique or stands out about your university among others?

Our location. We were also voted as the Top Modern University in UK in The Yong Universities ranking, 2019.

8. Have you found that graduates are well prepared for the international workplace upon completing their degree?

Yes. Our courses not only teach students theory, but also equip students with skills they will need in the workplace in the future. Students learn in a way that’s personal to them at Middlesex. They get real-life experience to put their knowledge into practice and develop advanced skills. Then they take their skills and experience and use them to learn throughout the rest of their lives.


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