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Admission Insights: Franklin University Switzerland

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Our newly created “Admission Insights” articles aim to bring greater attention to international universities as viable options for students. While we’ve traditionally focused on US colleges, it’s also become clear that tremendous opportunities exist beyond our own borders that are worth a closer look. Here, through a series of interviews with admission officers, we provide key details about their schools and links where you may find more information.

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1. Please share a brief overview of Franklin University Switzerland.

An American liberal arts institution in an international environment, Franklin University Switzerland (FUS) is fully accredited in the United States by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, in Switzerland by the Swiss University Conference, and in China by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

FUS is a small, international university located in the southern Swiss city of Lugano. Founded in 1969, FUS was among the first institutions to bring American Liberal Arts education to Europe, and it is the only liberal arts university in the world accredited in the United States and Switzerland. It is the only university in the world that offers interdisciplinary, experiential learning, placing Academic Travel at the core of its curriculum.

2. What is typically your percentage of enrolled international students?

Approximately 46%.

3. Are there any special requirements for international students versus domestic? If yes, please share them. e.g. In the US, we require a TOEFL score or equivalent.

We are test optional. However, we do require the international students to take the language proficiency test, TOEFL/IELTS or equivalent, should the instructional language of the high school not be in English.

4. What resources are available at your school to help support international students?

We have the Office of Student Life, which provides support to all students with any issues on campus, such as accommodation, permits, career opportunities, etc.

To ensure positive student life experience, FUS also offers on-campus health services, i.e. we have a Coordinator for Student Medical Services and Well-being, and we also have our own University Counselor, ready to help students should the need arise.

5. Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships for international students?

Yes. FUS offers both scholarships and financial assistance to eligible international students.

6. For US universities, there is great emphasis on Extracurricular Activities as part of an applicant’s overall credentials. Of what relevance are these in your admission requirements, and are these encouraged for student participation once enrolled?

We adopt a holistic approach in our applications reviewing process. Hence, the extracurricular activities that the students took up are of equal relevance as that of the academic performance.

We do encourage Franklin students to get involved on campus and in the community. Each year, student organizations coordinate dozens of programs, projects and other initiatives, and they are a key part of student learning at Franklin.

7. What would you say is unique or stands out about your university among others?

Academic Travel represents the single most distinctive element of the Franklin curriculum, in which travel is used as an experiential learning tool completely integrated into a series of course offerings in disciplines applicable to all majors.

Every semester, Franklin students embark on extended visits to study on location, as part of an Academic Travel course. Each class is taught by a faculty member in a field related to the academic expertise of the individual professor and the students travel to a location with which the professor has a particular academic interest or personal connection.

8. Have you found that graduates are well prepared for the international workplace upon completing their degree?

FUS is ranked #22 in the “Industrial Application” category in the World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI) rankings 2021. This shows that our classes have prepared the students well to handle the demands of the workplace upon their graduation.


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