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Admission Insights: EHL University of Hospitality Mgmt.

EHL University main campus entrance

Our newly created “Admission Insights” articles aim to bring greater attention to international universities as viable options for students. While we’ve traditionally focused on US colleges, it’s also become clear that tremendous opportunities exist beyond our own borders that are worth a closer look. Here, through a series of interviews with admission officers, we provide key details about their schools and links where you may find more information.

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1. Please share a brief overview of EHL University of Hospitality Management.

EHL is the world’s first Hotel School (1893), but has since transitioned to become the world’s leading Hospitality & Leisure Management School. With over 120 nationalities on campus, our international student body obtains theoretical and practical knowledge to prepare them for the global Hospitality industry. Our students also become part of the extensive network of over 30,000 alumni working in 150+ countries.

2. What is typically your percentage of enrolled international students?


3. Are there any special requirements for international students versus domestic? If yes, please share them. e.g. In the US, we require a TOEFL score or equivalent.

We have different requirements based on the diploma they’re applying with. Here’s a link to our Bachelor’s Application Guide as a reference. If there’s not a country listed, your recruitment officer, such as myself, would assist.

4. What resources are available at your school to help support international students?

We offer a dedicated Career & Internship office to assist with both. We also have the Student Centre who helps with any logistical issues (visa, transportation, acclimating to EHL). There are two brand new apartment building and three brand new dorms to house students. There are several services any private small university would offer.

5. Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships for international students?

Yes, here’s the link to view some of them.

6. For US universities, there is great emphasis on Extracurricular Activities as part of an applicant’s overall credentials. Of what relevance are these in your admission requirements, and are these encouraged for student participation once enrolled?

Yes, we take extracurriculars into consideration for admissions. We take a holistic admissions approach. Anything a student does outside of academics we want to know about. Work experience is also highly recommended (if possible). These factors are important because we want them to be active in the campus culture once at EHL.

7. What would you say is unique or stands out about your university among others?

  • World’s 1st Hotel School
  • World’s #1 Hospitality and Leisure and Management School
  • World’s 1st school with a Michelin Star training restaurant
  • Campuses in Singapore and Switzerland
  • Extensive alumni network in 150+ countries
  • 96% employability rate within 6 months of graduation (highest of any school offering this program)
  • #1 in Employer Reputation
  • 120+ nationalities

8. Have you found that graduates are well prepared for the international workplace upon completing their degree?

Yes, extremely, as this is what we prepare them for.


*For more information, be sure to visit our EHL University Profile