College Admission Success

College Admission Success

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Regular Decision Admission Results

Welcome to the entering class of 2020!

Regular decision admission results were very kind to our students so far this year. Considering the black cloud that had been darkening the doorstep of college admissions in recent times and now with the coronavirus setting everything back indefinitely, college admission results had almost become an afterthought to me. While education consulting is a significant part of my business, with test dates pushed back, school visits put off, and many recent questions surrounding study abroad for my students from China, I’ve been focusing heavily on my teaching these past several weeks.

Securing new students for my consulting practice has been a struggle, owing to many factors; calming the fears of freshman students and arriving at answers to existing questions has also proven challenging. We just don’t know yet. So I’ve since turned to teaching, trying my best to serve more students online and not losing sight of why we as educators do this in the first place.

And I am happy to teach.

But I’m now glad to say that the education consultant in me has once again emerged from out of the shadows. Now with regular decision admission results coming out, these past few days have been like a rebirth!  Following on the success of our early decision results, what a nice surprise to see the joyous messages from students and parents flooding our chat space with declarations of…

“I got admitted to Stanford, I can’t believe it!”

“I am thrilled to be accepted at CMU…”

“How can I choose between Duke and Cornell?”

There were many more. And I too am thrilled for them—they earned it!

To receive these messages from happy students is the burst of sunshine we need to break through those clouds. It’s a wonderful reminder that academic life will go on, and the future is still filled with hope for so many. I’m excited about consulting again.

Sure, there’s the superficial aspect involved when students are admitted to their “dream” schools—this is a results-driven business and results do matter. It boosts my profile as well. And I am elated for these kids. But as consultants, we can never underestimate the importance of teaching, and emphasizing the importance of process. Admission letters will get you in the door, but lessons learned along the way is what helps you succeed after freshman orientation.

I take pride in the time and effort we all put into the process to not only help improve results, but in empowering students to take responsibility in preparing themselves for those important next steps in higher learning.

Education Consultants create opportunities, and teach students how to take advantage of those opportunities.

Congratulations to all of our admitted students of the class of 2024. You deserve this!

2020 College Admission Results

Emory University Acceptance Letter» California College of The Arts (CCA)
» Cambridge University UK
» Carnegie Mellon University
» Cornell University
» Duke University
» Emory University
» Georgia Tech University
» Imperial College of London UK
» Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
» Rutgers University
» School of Art & Design (SCAD)
» School of the Art Institute Chicago (SAIC)
» School of Visual Arts (SVA)
» Stanford University
» UC Berkeley
» UC Davis
» UC Irvine
» UC Los Angeles
» UC San Diego
» UC Santa Barbara
» University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign (UIUC)
» University of Toronto
» University of Wisconsin-Madison
» William & Mary University

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