Public Speaking for Kids

Public Speaking for Kids

Student gives presentation to class

You don’t have to be an adult to be a great speaker

Indeed, that’s true. You don’t have to be an adult to be a great speaker. Our Public Speaking for Kids course is meant to help young learners, but like most of our courses, is also well-suited for students of any age! However, if students learn these important skills during childhood, they can avoid being fearful about public speaking and be on their way to becoming great communicators, and perhaps leaders. They’ll have the ability to make friends and have a positive influence on others.

As part of the school curriculum, students are often asked to make speeches or presentations in front of their classmates and teacher. Many children find speaking in front of a group to be quite difficult. Shy children might struggle to speak with anyone at all. It has even been suggested that the reason why so many adults have a fear of public speaking is because they never learned how to feel comfortable in front of a crowd as children.

Authentic Instruction

Our Public Speaking for Kids course will reveal the fundamental skills for learning the “art” of communication and giving the perfect presentation! While the course is designed specifically for kids, much of the content presented can apply to anyone—adolescents, young adults, working professionals—who seek to take their public speaking skills to a higher level.

We will explore many proven methods for effective communication as a precursor toward learning and excelling in public speaking. Students will explore the fundamentals that are involved in a step-by-step approach to gaining comfort and confidence in their speaking ability. They will be on the way to creating impactful presentations that will impress their audience. This course will introduce students on how to correct common mistakes, how to produce their content, how to deliver their message, and interact with their listeners for full effect.

Empowering Students

Our teaching method removes the risk of rejection when kids speak in front of their peers. Our series of positive lessons build upon one another and create a positive foundation, leading to confidence and continued progress. This foundation will help students take the initiative rather than lie back and wait. They will become go-getters that won’t get left behind!

At this earliest stage in life, every time a child repeats an action or a skill the brain creates neural connections that over time become a neural pathway. Similar to how a path is formed by walking down it often, the skills children build through repetition are embedded into the brain. These pathways become the skill set foundation of who your child is as a person.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Our Public Speaking for Kids course is typically scheduled in 1.5 hour sessions, but can be flexible based on student’s needs and instructor’s schedule. The complete program includes eight sessions and thus 12 hours total. Our course may extend further depending on number of total students in class, and students’ ability to complete coursework, homework, and practice outside of class. Beyond that, the amount of recommended training is based on instructor’s assessment of student’s progress and availability of student.

Course formats:

One-to-one, small group (3-5), or online training for distance learners

Communication comes first. Building strong communication skills is a precursor toward becoming a better public speaker or presenter.